Suron complies with the AS9100 Rev D quality management standard (Click here to view certificate).

Quality Requirements of Suppliers(English)

Quality Requirements of Suppliers(Hebrew)

quality assurance vision machine

Computer Scanner – Vision Machine

Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator


1. Types of Inspection for Processes, Finished Products, and WIP Products:

Dimensional Quality Control:

  • FAI – First Article Inspection – inspecting all the dimensions: Conforms – approval to continue production; Deviates – transfer to the planning department.
  • Repeated Product – etching the first sheet, inspecting all the dimensions, receiving approval and continuing production.
  • Routine Production – sample inspection as per customer requirements or statistical control based on Desired Level of Quality charts or monitoring in accordance with the “Suron Standard”* (usually more stringent than the standard level).


*Suron Standard – The parts in each of the four corners and the middle of every sheet are inspected.

Visual Quality Control:

• Visual inspection under a magnifying glass or a digital microscope. This inspection detects visual defects such as scratches, stains, wrinkling, and drying stains.
• A certificate of compliance (COC) is issued, and best-fit for customer requirements is ensured. Customer specifications are compared with the finished part. A Dimensional Inspection Report, Plating Reports, and so on are generated.

Dimensional measurement instruments

A 16H Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator

Quality Control of Stencils for the SMT Market:

• Hands-free quality control using a computerized system that scans the finished stencil and compares the manufactured stencil to the cutting file.
• Advanced control ensures first-rate inspection of all the pad measurements in the stencil, their full opening, and other irregularities, if there are any.

 Quality Control Via Computer Scanner – Vision Machine:

Dimensional and Visual quality control using a one-of-its-kind, automated, innovative optical system.
• The system compares the measurements defined in the client specifications and the measurements of each finished product.
• The machine operator types the data in, and the system performs optical measurements for 100% of the dimensions and for 100% of the parts.
• When the inspection is finished the system generates the results as a detailed Excel file of all the parts that were produced.
• Parts that deviate from the customer’s specifications are detached from the sheet, and the production process is revised as necessary.


Precedence Policy:
In the event of a discrepancy between this policy and the requirements of other specifications which apply to parts covered by this policy, the order of precedence shall be:
1. Customer Purchase Order
2. Customer Part Drawing
3. General Customer Specifications
4. Suron Quality Procedures


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