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Innovation Center

SURON's Innovation Center is located in our headquarters and main manufacturing facility, in Israel. The Center boasts a staff of dedicated R&D and production engineers, technicians and sales professionals. The combination of highly qualified personnel and a wide range of advanced manufacturing processes and tools, allows for development of products with nanoscale precision.


The Center facilitates the development of high precision solutions through its dedicated one stop shop.  Whether your vision is for a small engineering trial run or a mass production order, we have the flexibility and the know how to make that vision a reality.

How does the process work?



Upload here or send us by email a technical drawing.  Our Innovation Center reps will evaluate the drawing with the Center's development engineers and you will receive reply within a day or two with design recommendations. Once a design is agreed upon by both of us, we'll turn it into a quote quickly.


We will produce a prototype part (usually a few pieces or one full sheet) for testing and evaluation.  Every step of the way we will measure and quality check to make sure the part is meeting your technical requirements.



The prototype sample part/parts will be sent to you within a few weeks for your inspection and validation. The prototype will be accompanied by an inspection report and measurement table.



Once we receive the green light, we will begin the full production run, whether its 10 parts or 10,000 parts, we'll get them delivered to you quickly and in perfect shape, ready to assemble.

Transform your idea into a solution with SURON's Innovation Center.

Be it basic or breakthrough, SURON's  Innovation Center is here for you.

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