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From Basic to Breakthrough

Microelectronic Hermetic Packaging

SURON provides a comprehensive range of components for hermetic packaging, serving both glass to metal sealing (GTMS) and ceramic to metal sealing applications.

Markets for these components include aerospace, defense and telecommunications.  In addition to metal components, SURON also offers highly complex shaped preforms and thermal conductive parts.

Components for Microelectronic Hermetic Packing

  • Lids

  • Leadframes

  • Metal Packages

  • Carriers and Ceramic Substrate

  • Preforms

פאטרן אוף וויט-05.png

Solder Preform/Thermally Conductive Complex Shapes

Complex shapes of solder preform, or thermal conductive material can be found in aerospace and defense applications, specifically in radar systems. For complex shapes where micro features and high accuracy are required, a special, advanced cutting technology is critical.  Our in-house, die-set-free capability gives SURON the power to deliver the complex and high precision shapes that R&D designers are looking for.

Carriers and Ceramic Substrate

With increasing power and speed demands in the microelectronics industry, one of the biggest challenges is dissipating heat in hermetically sealed devices that house sensitive electronic components. SURON's carriers are used as a heat management solution to ensure optimal performance of the microelectronic chip (Si / GaAs / InP / ...) found in microelectronic packages. MoCu, WCu, Alumina, and other ceramics are some of the materials with similar CTE properties to microelectronic chips. Their use enables reduction of internal stresses posed by temperature changes.

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