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From Basic to Breakthrough

Flexible Dies

SURON manufactures custom made flexible dies, by combining more than 40 years of experience with high-speed CNC engraving technology.

SURON's high precision dies meet the requirements of extremely tight tolerances (+/- 0.002 mm) and are suitable for a broad and diverse range of  cutting applications such as foils, tapes, labels and other print materials.

Applications for CNC Technology:

  • Rotary or Flat technology

  • Kiss Cutting

  • Through Cutting

  • Variable blade height in one die

  • Various perforation options

Applications Labels

Security Labels

  • IML

  • Stamps

  • Tags

  • Envelopes


  • Extremely precise

  • Complete control of cutting lines and geometries

  • Available as arcs and other special shapes

  • Suitability for a wide range of raw materials

Types Of Dies

Suron manufactures all dies and cylinders with its state-of-the-art machinery. The built to spec solutions meet our customers' exact requirements, including varying heights, cylinder hardness, surface type, finishing, and more. The dies undergo meticulous quality control. Each one of the dies is tested on the appropriate material, and the prototype created from the die is sent to the customer for testing and approval. The versatile production processes and quality control guarantees consistent and efficient customer use over time.

Our Flexible Dies options

  • Cutting angle: 500 -1100 – adjusted to the face material properties.

  • Blade height: 0.32-1.3 mm – adjusted to the release liner thickness (in microns).

  • Minimum corner radius 0.00 mm, perfectly sharp corner.

  • Plating and hardening the smooth surface, clean cutting and long runs, quality manufacturing.

  • NHT hardening process ensures long lasting dies, and compliance with particularly complex requirements.

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