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Our Story

Transforming Ideas into Solutions,
One Part at a Time


SURON's story begins more than 45 years ago, on an aqua-cultural cooperative, on the northwest coast of Israel, nestled between the Carmel Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

The founders of the Company were fisherman by trade. They were determined that a combination of highly qualified personnel and advanced technology would be their key to success.

SURON's first products were manufactured by photochemical etching technology, and from the beginning the focus was on precision and quality assurance.

Our first strategic partners were from the world renowned Israeli defense, and US biomedical industries.

From the start, SURON has maintained close cooperation with academic and research institutions.

Over the past four decades, SURON has continuously expanded its diverse in-house R&D activities and ever-growing technological capabilities.

Today, SURON is a global expert and innovative partner in the development and manufacturing of high precision components for microelectronic applications in the world's most advanced medical, microelectronics, aerospace, military and telecom industries, where reliability and high performance is essential

All of SURON's projects are managed according to strict international standards, including AS 9100D, ISO 9001-2015, RoHS and REACH.


A unique combination of expertise and experience, comprehensive in-house advanced technologies, flexible engineering and creative thinking, enable SURON’s devoted team to push the boundaries of manufacturing and fulfill customer demands as they evolve.


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