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From Basic to Breakthrough

PCB Assembly Tools

SMT Stencils

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is the most common assembly process in the microelectronics industry. Each second, millions of microelectronics components are incorporated in the assembly of PCB Boards. SMT stencils are used in the soldering process.


SURON's multi-level, or stepped stencils offer superior flexibility in achieving the right solder paste volume deposit for components with diverse paste requirement.

Electroforming is one of the range of advanced in-house technologies that SURON utilizes for SMT stencil manufacturing.  SURON’s electroformed SMT stencils are nickel-based foils, offering the best paste release characteristics available,  and are frequently used for fine pitch SMT applications on PCBs.

All of SURON’s SMT stencils are compatible with a variety of tension framing systems, including our proprietary FlexiFrame™.


  • Stainless Steel

  • Nickel (Electroformed)


  • Special Heat Treatment & Flattening Process

  • Cut with our in-house micro laser technology

Lead Time

  • One day!


  • Selectively multi-stepped.

  • Foil uniform tensioning,
    reaching 50 N/cm

  • Suited for stencils
    up to 3 mil thick (75 µm).

  • PicoFlow™ treatment for hydrophobic properties.

PCB Assembly Tools

SMT Carriers

For optimal wrinkleless solder dispensing, thin and flexible PCBs often require dedicated jigs made from a machinable glass material which will be stable in high temperatures.

PCB Assembly Tools

Wave Solder Pallets

After the SMT components have been welded to the PCB, the through-hole components must be soldered - this is what the wave solder pallet is required for. The wave solder pallet secures critical SMT components when soldering through holes and ensures that they don't move during the encounter with the tin wave.

SURON’s Wave Solder Pallets improve process efficiency by reducing set-up time, eliminating expensive and labor intensive masking, and shielding heat sensitive components.

PCB Assembly Tools

Titanium Fixtures

SURON’s titanium wave solder fixtures are used during a selective solder process, when the through hole lead is too close to the bottom side SMD to use a standard, composite sealing wall.

Titanium provides several superior qualities, such as rigidity, heat resistance, and compatibility with intricate, thin wall machining.

SURON also offers a titanium insert, for ≥0.3mm wall thickness.

Press-Fit Fixtures

SURON's made to order press-fit fixtures are used to mount press-fit connectors on PCBs.  The aluminum material is rigid enough to provide a stable platform supporting the insertion force necessary to press the connector into the PCB without damage either the PCB or the connector.

Routing (De-Paneling) Jigs

SURON's dedicated jigs ensure safe and reliable de-paneling, and minimize the damaging effect of the router’s vibrations on the PCB’s integrity.  Jigs absorb these vibrations and supply mechanical support at strategic PCB points.

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