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Suron Develops New In-House PALLADIUM Electroplating

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Palladium (46Pd) is a bright silvery-white metal with a collection of valuable characteristics especially for the electronic industry.

Palladium plating provides a variety of properties, which gives it advantages in the electronic field.

Palladium electroplating is used over a wide range of electronic applications, from basic consumer products to complex military hardware.


Relative Hardness

Corrosion Resistance

Absorption Capacity for Hydrogen

Low Density

Just a few examples of components that can be electroplated with SURON's palladium are lead frames for multi layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC's), contacts and connectors.

SURON is committed to ensuring the highest possible plating reliability over all of our components. Quality control includes a wide range of tests for the plating from appearance, composition, thickness, adhesion and functionality.

Meets Standard Requirements

ASTM B679 – 98


SURON is qualified for the AS9100 D standard and has been supplying high reliability, plated components for the aerospace, defense, and medical industries for more than 45 years.

For more information about SURON's palladium electroplating visit our website

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