Suron employs Photochemical Etching Technology to produce       a broad range of metals parts

Photo Electroforming

Electroforming Technology enables the most precise production for miniature parts

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Technology allows Suron to produce: flat, miniature and precise parts

High Speed Milling

Advanced machinery that cuts various materials with high precision

Suron employs highly skilled and experienced teams of engineers, practical engineers, technicians and experienced, creative professionals. The company’s management team, QA and R&D departments uses Lean Management methods to maintain the high quality standards

SMT Stencils

Suron manufactures a broad range of soldering paste stencils for SMT processes
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PCBA Tooling Solutions

Suron designs and produces advanced tooling solutions for PCB assembly.
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Flexible Dies

Suron’s advanced CNC Engraving Systems allows us to manufacture a variety of flexible dies
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Precision Parts

Suron produces a broad range of metal parts for components, assemblies and sub-assemblies.
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Suron’s R&D department offers its customers advanced technological and engineering solutions for manufacturing a wide range of precision metal parts and assemblies.

The R&D department employs a multidisciplinary team from diverse fields such as

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Suron complies with military standards and is ISO 9001-2008 certified for metal processing. The company is an authorized supplier for the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

The company conducts a series of controls and inspections for works-in-process (WIP) and finished products.

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Why Us

Suron is a world-class manufacturer having vast experience and know-how in manufacturing and processing precision metal parts leveraging a variety of cutting-edge technologies.