Flexible dies

Suron’s advanced CNC and PCM capabilities allow for manufacturing a variety of flexible dies.

Rotary Cylinders

To address the needs of the printing industry, Suron has developed solutions for printing and die-cutting.


Suron manufactures a broad range of stencils for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes.

Mini Stencils

Suron manufactures dedicated (mini) stencils for multiple purposes (e.g. BGA balling / re-balling).

Wave Solder Pallets

Selective Wave Soldering Pallets are used to mount through-hole components on PCBs.

SMT Jigs

For optimal, wrinkle-less solder dispensing, thin / flexible PCBs commonly require for dedicated jigs.

Press fit Jigs

Press-fit Jigs are used to mount press-fit connectors on PCBs using a lower and an upper too.

General Tooling Solution

Suron designs and manufactures a wide range of high end tooling solutions.


Suron designs and supplies myler-based photools of high resolution (8000 dpi).