Seam-Sealing Lids

High yield of seam-sealing process implies for the tightest deviations in lid manufacturing and plating process, and the highest standards of quality assurance.

Au-Sn Soldered Lids

Preform-based eutectic soldering of packages requires both knowledge, experience, and high standards of lid and preform manufacturing and handling process.

RF Lids

Suron provides lids especially designed to reduce intra-package undesired noise, and thus improve the overall performance of the electronic package.

Thermal Lids

Suron provides lids especially designed to facilitate heat dissipation out of the package, and thus improve the overall performance of the electronic package.


Suron provides custom designs of preforms for eutectic soldering, based on a wide range of solder alloys, e.g. gold-tin (Au/Sn).

Quad Lead Frames

For packaging of quad-flat designs, Suron provides a wide range of lead-frame designs, commonly based on high-conductivity metals, e.g. copper.

In-Line Lead Frames

For packaging of in-line designs, Suron provides lead frames based on either high-conductivity metals (e.g. copper) or controlled-expansion alloys (e.g. Kovar)

General Lead Frames

Suron provides lead frames of custom geometries and specifications, based on its PCM manufacturing technologies and its highly appreciated plating processes.


Its multiple manufacturing technologies and distinguished engineering capabilities makes Suron an ideal supplier of un-orthodox designs of PCB's.

PTFE-Based PCB’s

Commonly used when specific electrical properties (e.g. low loss) are required from the laminate, PTFE-based PCB's require a dedicated manufacturing setting.

Ceramic PCBs

Ceramic substrates (e.g. aluminum-oxide, glass) are commonly required for specific mechanical properties (e.g. expansion, transparency) of the PCB..

Reed Switches

On/off switches for high-end applications (e.g. automotive, aerospace, high power, high frequency) require high-fidelity, durable contacts.

RFI Shields

RFI (Radio-Frequency Interferance) shields rare commonly used on PCBs to shield RF cross-talk between active components and its surrounding.