Suron’s R&D department offers its customers advanced technological and engineering solutions for manufacturing a wide range of precision parts and assemblies.

The R&D department employs a multidisciplinary team from diverse fields such as metallurgy, chemistry,mechanical and materials engineering. The engineers have considerable experience in developing integrated and multi-technological solutions for a range of customers from advanced industries, the high-tech sector, medical companies, the defense industry and start-ups.

Joint development of products is undertaken on the basis of confidentiality agreements and copyrights, and complies with customer requirements. Customer requirements are examined, and the challenges surrounding the design of the product, part, or assembly are studied. The department’s engineers prepare a work plan and schedules and, based on the complexity of the product, start the short or long-term development process. During development, alternative materials and technologies are considered for the specific metal processes and finishes. The customer is involved at all stages of the process from start to finish. Trials are performed right up to the completion of  the prototype, to ensure that the best technologies are employed to manufacture the product, in terms of usefulness; and that the best processes are chosen in terms of the operational, manufacturing, and economic aspects.  When the process is completed, the prototype is delivered to the customer together with the work plan, and a detailed order of operation process procedures.

Suron is adept at carrying out complex projects, engaging in deep technological discussions with the customer, and in generating creative, innovative and reliable solutions.

multidisciplinary research and development

Suron’s R&D Team


The R&D engineers and Suron’s top management are partners in every decision concerning the purchase of new technologies and advanced machinery, as well as establishing production lines and long-term projects. As the needs arise, they develop new or hybrid technologies for manufacturing and finishing metal parts.

The R&D department is also responsible for process engineering, an additional, essential role that involves analyzing most of the manufacturing processes at Suron. The department defines improved processes and solves chemical and engineering issues encountered by the various production teams. The engineers review work processes, define the production stages, and generate the best alternative manufacturing processes in a joint effort with the customer.

Working hand-in hand, the Quality Assurance and R&D departments deploy the best work processes and monitor adherence.

The department’s experienced, multidisciplinary team develops parts and assemblies for use in a broad range of markets, including:

• Defense

• Medical

• Electro-Optics, Electronics, and Microelectronics

• Aviation and Aerospace

• Telecommunications

• Printing Houses

• Industrial Labeling and Stamping


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