SMT Jigs

Reflow soldering is the most common method of mounting components to a PCB.

The soldering process includes dispensing (smearing) solder paste on the un-populated PCB prior to components placement. For optimal, wrinkle-less dispensing, thin / flexible / semi-rigid PCBs commonly require for dedicated jigs, aimed at supporting or slight pre-stretching the PCB.




Steps in the SMT-Jig Design and Manufacturing Process:

  • Customer uploads the PCB files (preferably both gerber and idf files).                                                           
  • Customer is asked to ship samples of an assembled PCB.
  • Detailed jig files are prepared by Suron’s experts.
  • Optionally, the design is sent to the customer for approval prior to production.
  • The files are handed over for production.
  • A full inspection is carried out.


Similarly, Suron also designs and produces  Wave-soldering pallets, Jigs for de-paneling, for selective-wave machines, for press-fit machinery, trays, re-balling devices, conformal coating