Production of parts with high accuracy and tight tolerance

The precision parts manufacturing market keeps on evolving. The latest trends include miniaturization of parts, increasing the level of precision, reducing the weight and to cut back elements which harms the product’s quality as a result of its processing.
The use in Electroforming and Photo Electroforming offer a great solution to the always evolving paths of this market/field.

Suron has a wide practical experience in development of production solutions for manufacturing of high precision parts, up to several microns. The technology of photo electroforming enables the production of extremely lean products such as membrane, intricate filters and grids for a variety of applications.
Among other products, Suron has recently generated a filter for RF applications with thickness of 8 microns and holes of 32 microns. The filter was gold coated and the indications received by the client were excellent.
The features of the Electroforming technology enable production without any involvement of hit and without creating metal exertion. The fact that the manufacture process is additive we manage to avoid any grads. The received quality of the metal remains high and the grain sync is smaller and more uniformed compered to metal received in extrusion process.
Recently, Suron has produced photo electroformed parts over non straight mandrels in order to achieve solution that combines 3-D elements along with photo lithographic precision.
Suron will be happy to receive any challenges and demands. Suron’s R&D department offers its customers advanced technological and engineering solutions for manufacturing a wide range of precision metal parts and assemblies.
The R&D department employs a multidisciplinary team from diverse fields such as metallurgy, chemistry, and materials engineering.