Since the 1980s, Suron has been an industry leader in manufacturing SMT stencils. The company provides efficient, speedy solutions to overcome its customer’s engineering challenges in Israel and around the world.

Suron manufactures a broad range of soldering paste stencils for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes. The stencils are used by the electronics industry to place components when assembling printed circuit boards – PCB assembly. Solder stencils play an important part in circuit production, therefore the quality of the stencils is critical to successfully assemble and place circuit components. The stencil’s slots and dimensions must be precise so the solder paste can be spread uniformly, to avoid a short circuits or volids during the soldering process.

Stencils for SMT soldering paste are produced by laser cutting, etching, electroforming, and a mix of technologies. Suron produces a broad range of stencils: adhesive stencils for bonding components, manual stencils, local stencils, glass epoxy stencils, Piko-flow plated stencils, and nickel plated stencils. Graded stencils enable solder paste to be spread  simultaneously at variable heights (during the same application). The innovative Flexi Frame system offers flexible stretching frames for stencils. Suron manufactures customized stencils per customer specifications, as a joint effort between the customer’s planning and/or R&D department, and Suron.

SMT Stencil Production and Inspection Process:

• The customer’s files are received (the original files that were prepared by the PCB designer). The Planning Department opens the files and prepares the production files, fully detailing the stencil slots, frame, and the text engraved on it.
• File processing is completed.
• PDF files are sent to the customer.
• Customer approval is received, and the files are forwarded to the relevant production department.
• The stencil is manufactured.
• The stencil is handed over to Quality Assurance, where automatic inspection compares the stencil to the file. The examination includes full inspection of the slots, location, and dimensions.

Stencil Lead Time: within 24 hours.
Files that arrive by noon will be supplied the next day. Super-fast delivery solutions can be arranged in urgent cases.

Suron’s SMT Stencils are available in the following materials:
• Nickel-Cobalt (electroforming)
• Stainless Steel
• Brass
• Glass Epoxy

Plating for Stencils:
• Nickel-plated stencils
• PikoFlow plated stencils (a proprietary coating developed by Suron)

FlexiFrame – Innovative SMT Stencils The FlexiFrame was developed by Suron and is employed to maximize SMT stencil stretching. The use of the innovative frame significantly improves the application of solder paste, as well as placement of components. The stencil is stretched simultaneously at each of its edges to ensure uniform spreading of the solder paste. The FlexiFrame’s flexibility makes it possible to accommodate multiple stencils in one frame, thus enhancing the customer’s work process by eliminating the need for different types of stencils, and maintaining a stock of frames.


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Stencil thickness

ranges from 0.002” to 0.040″ (0.05 to 1 mm)

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