Suron is an industry leader in the manufacturing of lids for metal-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal hermetic sealing of electronic and electro-optic packages.

Electronic and electro-optic devices performance highly depends on a well-isolated package. Hence high-end products, as well as products for high-end applications (e.g. automotive, aerospace, medical, high power) hermetically seal packages using precious-metal alloys pre-formed to the requested area to be soldered. Suron’s provides its customers with high quality preforms, while assuring:

  • Tight verification that customer’s requests and drawing specifications can be matched prior to establishing the lid quote.
  • Use of the best raw materials, purchased only from its well-established, constantly-updated suppliers-list. Raw material are routinely inspected upon reaching Suron’s facilities.
  • Tight quality control and assurance, that account for the fact that each single device packed by Suron’s customers deserves the highest lid quality possible.

These steps make Suron’s preforms highly popular, both on land, in and out of earth’s atmosphere.