Suron is an industry leader in the manufacturing of mini-stencils for manual balling and re-balling of BGAs, as well as other precision solder-paste mounting applications.

Surface Mount Technnology (SMT) packages are commonly soldered onto their PCB using dedicated PCB-level stencil. Nevertheless, in certain cases work is required on specific packages (e.g. BGA balling or re-balling, re-work for localized re-flow). In such cases a local, component-level (mini) stencil is required. Suron’s mini-stencils are known for their un-matched, long-standing quality, obtained by:

  • Tight verification that customer’s requests and drawing specifications can be matched prior to establishing the quote.
  • Internal design rules of dimensional restrictions and soldering specification.
  • Using the best raw materials, purchased only from its well-established, constantly-updated suppliers-list. Raw material are routinely inspected upon reaching Suron’s facilities.
  • Establishing a highly controlled, all in-house, manufacturing process. Manufacturing bases on several decades of experience in micron-scale manufacturing, according to the highest quality standards world-wide.
  • Tight quality control and assurance, that account for the fact that each single device packed by Suron’s customers deserves the highest quality possible.

These steps make Suron’s mini-stencils highly popular, for both on land, in and out of earth’s atmosphere applications.