Suron specifies in the manufacturing of patterned single/dual layers Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s).

The constant demand for smaller packages implies for an industry migration from the traditional rectangular PCB pattern to more complex patterning.  Hence PCB manufacturer is required to exhibit more sophisticated cutting capabilities. Suron’s patterned PCB’s are known world-wide for their un-matched, long-standing quality, obtained by:

  • Tight verification that customer’s requests and drawing specifications can be matched prior to establishing the quote.
  • Internal design rules of dimensional restrictions and plating specification.
  • Using the best raw materials, purchased only from its well-established, constantly-updated suppliers-list. Raw material are routinely inspected upon reaching Suron’s facilities.
  • Establishing a highly controlled, all in-house, manufacturing process. Manufacturing bases on several decades of experience in various material-elaboration technologies, according to the highest quality standards world-wide.
  • Tight quality control and assurance, that account for the fact that each single device packed by Suron’s customers deserves the highest quality possible.

These steps make Suron’s patterned PCB’s highly popular, both on land, in and out of earth’s atmosphere.