By combining over 35 years of etching know-how and the most advanced engraving machinery available on the market, Suron manufactures top quality flexible dies to guarantee you the best die cutting results for your project.

Our CNC engraving technology allows us to offer flexible dies made under extremely tight tolerances (+/- 0.002 mm) and according to customers’ exact measurements and specifications. As a result, you get high precision dies, custom made to suit your diverse cutting applications and all types of materials.


Applications for CNC Technology:

  • Rotary or Flat technology
  • Kiss Cutting
  • Through Cutting
  • Variable blade height in one die
  • Various perforation options
  • Micro-perforation: extremely precise perforation. Complete control of cutting lines and geometries. Available as arcs and other special shapes, including suitability for a wide range of raw materials.
  • Intended for labels, security labels, IML, stamps, tags and envelope production


Types of Dies:

Steel Dies

  • Made from flexible, hard steel
  • Highly magnetic
  • Suitable for die-cutting jobs with short to medium runs
  • Erosion resistant


Plated Dies

  • Made from flexible hard steel
  • Tool is plated with mix of elements, ensuring smooth surface and equipping the cutting blade with extra strength for superior durability
  • Suitable for all application and all types of materials
  • Die enables quality cutting, and is the natural choice for most jobs
  • Highly magnetic
  • Erosion and corrosion resistant
  • Long lasting


NHT Hardened Gold Dies

  • Made from flexible hard steel
  • Tool is plated with a mix of elements, ensuring a smooth surface, and fortifying the blade
  • The tool is then put through unique hardening processes to form highly-durable superior grade dies
  • Suitable for die-cutting extra tough and abrasive stocks
  • High magnetization
  • Erosion and corrosion resistant
  • Extra-long lasting


Folding Carton Dies:

  • Made from flexible hard steel
  • Tool is plated with a mix of elements, ensuring a smooth surface and fortifying the cutting blade for improved durability
  • High magnetization
  • Erosion and corrosion resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal solution for lower volume projects
  • Cost effective alternative to solid dies
  • Complete control of folding lines according to carton properties
  • “Mount and Cut” die is suitable for running on a standard cutting unit


Suron manufactures all dies and cylinders with its state-of-the-art machinery. The built to spec products follow customers’ exact requirements, namely: varying heights, cylinder hardness, surface type finishing, and so on. The dies undergo a high level of production and meticulous quality control. Each one of the dies is tested on the appropriate material, and the prototype created from the die is sent to the customer for testing and approval. The versatile production processes and quality control guarantees consistent, efficient, ultimate customer use over time.


Technical Details

  • Cutting angle: 500 -1100 – adjusted to the face material properties
  • Blade height: 0.32-1 mm – adjusted to the release liner thickness (in microns)
  • Minimum comer radius 0.00 mm, perfectly sharp comer
  • Plating and hardening the smooth surface, clean cutting and long runs, quality manufacturing
  • NHT hardening process ensures long lasting dies, and compliance with particularly complex requirements


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