Plating & Finishes

Suron’s plating and finishing department carries out a range of work on the metal parts produced in-house or out.




Types of Finishes:
• Stainless Steel Passivation
• Chemical Polishing
• Blackening
• Anodizing
• Alodine
• Thermal Treatments
• Bending

All finishes are applied per customer specifications, based on the intended use of the final product. Customers are offered a range of special finishing solutions.

Gold, Nickel and PikoFlow Plating:

Suron offers its customers gold and nickel plating services, and recently introduced tin plating and Piko Flow. The selection of plating options were designed for a range of uses: to improve the conductivity of metal, resist corrosion, make the metal solderable, and to expand the range of metal applications in the electronics industry.

Gold Plating –  gold plating is applied to finished parts at the end of the production process. The metal parts can be plated in soft gold plating and hard gold plating mainly for the electronics industry.

Nickel Plating – there are several methods such as: electrolytical nickel plating, electroless nickel plating (without electricity), High Phosphor nickel plating and Low Phosphor nickel plating (relative to the level of phosphorus in the coating). Thermal treatment can be applied to harden the surface of the plated part to a value of 63HRC.

PikoFlow Plating – plating with PikoFlow is intended for laser SMT stencils and electroforming SMT stencils. Suron’s proprietary PikoFlow hydrophobic plating technology significantly enhances the stencils’ performance. The innovative plating gives the stencil surface hydrophobic properties, thus increasing the quality of releasing the solder paste from the plating of the pad. It reduces the value of the Area Ratio, and thus provides customers increased printing preformance especially for fine pitch micro-BGA and other intricate components.

All platings are done per customer specifications, based on the intended use of the final product.



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