High Speed CNC Milling

cnc millingHigh Speed CNC Milling technology enables the production of metal parts at relatively high precision and accuracy.

The metal processing is done by innovative computer aided precision milling systems,  operating High Speed Cutting technology.  Suron’s advanced machines have traffic control systems that ensure superior precision milling. The rapid system heads (spindles) are accurate, enabling a range of metals to be cut, including super metals and polymers.

Benefits of using high speed cutting technology:

• Capable of manufacturing high grade precision metal parts

• Leaves less heat in the metal, reducing the amount of damage

• Suitable for manufacturing flat, thick, large plates (thanks to large vacuum tables)

• Suitable for manufacturing components and parts produced from a mix of technologies


CNC milling technical details:

Thickness of Material: .005″-1″

Worksheet size: for aluminum milling: 27″X40″; for polymers and glass epoxy milling: 31″X40″


• thick material and large area: +/- 0.004 “

• standard: +/- 0.002 “

• special: +/-0.0004 “


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