Medical Industry

Suron’s laser department offers medical device and equipment companies the most advanced laser cutting and welding machinery available in the world. Thanks to this machinery, Suron can manufacture precision metal parts and components using a combination of technologies. Suron manufactures a wide range of miniature parts, cuts pipes, and produces complex geometric shapes used in medical equipment.

Suron’s production technologies comply with high medical industry standards. The precision metal components, manufactured from a range of unique metals, are suitable for medical implants, medical devices, and components used in invasive medical equipment.

Suron’s door is open to developers, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies in the medical field. Suron’s advanced capabilities and technologies enable the company to take part in developing innovative equipment and medical devices. Suron’s end-to-end service takes the customer’s product from planning and developing the prototype, through producing samples and small volumes, all the way to full commercial production.


Defense Industry

Suron has been producing precision metal parts and components for over thirty five years. Since its inception, the company has served the Israeli defense industry, and is an authorized supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Suron’s unique value lies in our ability to collaborate with the customer’s development teams at both national and company levels. Suron has extensive experience partnering with scientists on classified projects, leading to the development and manufacturing of complex security systems on the cutting-edge of modern technology.

Thanks to Suron’s range of machinery we can develop and manufacture defense-grade precision metal parts and components using a combination of technologies and materials.


Aerospace Industry

Suron develops and produces metal parts and components for the aerospace industry.

Manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft, as well as developers of advanced aviation applications take advantage of Suron’s engineering and technological solutions. Suron partners with  the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and international airlines on knowledge-intensive projects.

The precision metal parts  for the aerospace market are made from the finest metals and innovative polymers. Suron employs optimal technologies that promise a high level of precision and maximum compliance with critical safety regulations and AS9100 standards for Quality Management Systems.


Electronics Industry

Suron offers the best development and production solutions for the electronics and microelectronics industry. The circuit board assembly market benefits from Suron’s 35+ years of experience and know-how in manufacturing precision metal parts, miniature mechanical components, SMT stencils, and wave soldering pallets.

Suron deploys innovative technology to provide optimal solutions in terms of: miniaturization, precision, speed, quality of performance, production flexibility, and cost.

With an especially high level of precision and quality, Suron’s metal parts and components meet all the required standards. Suron’s own innovations  the Flexi Frame and the Piko Flow plating significantly improve the SMT stencil manufacturing process, resulting in better performance. Suron affords electronics companies an increased ability to use and assemble miniature components.


Printing and Labels Market

Suron has a rich background and know-how in the production of flexible dies and magnetic cylinders. Deploying the most modern CNC systems available on the market, Suron produces steel dies, plated dies, folding carton dies, magnetic cylinders, and rotary dies, used by the printing industry all over the world.

Suron’s dies are made from flexible hard metals, with especially high endurance levels for a wide variety of cutting applications. Suron’s dies can cut most raw materials known to mankind. Applications include cutting especially delicate medical-grade materials, such as tissues for medical implants, or materials suitable for the communications industry.

With Suron’s fast service, most orders are filled overnight.


 Communications and Telecommunications Industry

Suron is a leader in developing and manufacturing solutions for one of the 21st century’s most dynamic and challenging markets the telecom industry. Suron answers the growing demand for telecom and communication products to meet higher miniaturization, precision, and performance requirements than ever before. Faced with the frequency of change and scope of production prevalent in the communications industry, Suron offers the best cost-effective, high quality, rapid solutions.

Suron’s metal parts and components can be found in a variety of mechanical devices, IT system accelerators, networks, microwave, sub-systems and infrastructure, cellular phones, and electronic defense systems.



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