Suron Bird's-eye View

Suron Bird’s-eye View

Suron is committed to protecting the environment and acts in accordance with the European directive for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). The company complies with all governmental regulations and business licensing conditions. Suron enforces full  adherence to all procedures involving precision metal production and processes using toxic, hazardous materials. Both the company management and the in-house environment department provide company-wide training and conduct periodic inspections. The company’s infrastructure has been adapted to prevent air, water and soil pollution.

Suron is scrupulously committed to:

• Procurement of raw materials from metal suppliers who comply with RoHS standards
• Writing and updating procedures for all production processes
• Improving and implementing appropriate work processes for production, storage, and use of raw materials
• Ongoing training to protect the employees and the environment
• Prevention of air, soil, and water pollution
• Cutback on waste through reduction at source, separation, recycling, burial, and removal to designated disposal sites
• Limitation and reduction of use of hazardous substances
• Obtaining permits to hold and work with toxic materials on the premises

As an industry leader in precision metal processing, Suron also drives the development and implementation of advanced work processes, for the wellbeing of the company’s employees and to protect  the environment.

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