Copper Removal – FR4

Pico-laser Capabilities Report:

Copper Thinning/Removal from Copper Clad Sheets

Background: Copper clad sheets are a widespread raw material of the PCB industry. Commonly, copper clad sheets may be purchased at standard values of copper thickness (e.g. 1 ounce=35 microns, 0.5 ounce = 17 micron). Certain application require however copper thinning to non-standard values. The aim of this report is to demonstrate Suron’s new ability in thinning and in entirely stripping the copper from its dielectric substrate.

Methods: The basic raw material used for the experimental array was chosen to be a 0.1 mm thick copper clad, with FR4 as the dielectric substrate and 0.5 ounce (17 microns) copper. Circular patterns of approximately 5 mm diameter have been removed using a single diagonal lines approach at various laser parameters. Images were obtained under an x50 light microscope.

Results: The array of parameters used permitted for thinning of down to 2-4 microns resolution as can be appreciated from the figures below.

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