As a veteran in the field of production of precision parts, Suron is always looking for new markets and horizons to explore.

In metal parts Process we usually using a range of technologies, Each method has its relative advantage for each material.  the most appropriate technology is jointly
determined with the customer, based on the intended use of the final product.

Production using  etching, electroforming and laser cutting technologies are suitable for cases where extremely high grade precision metal parts are
required. thus in order to keep the quality of the metal and to avoid any added stresses. Sophisticated CNC milling machinery
produces metal parts with more precision than photochemical machining, which causes a certain amount of damage to the
metal quality.Even with an advanced manufacturing systems,  a vast knowledge in photochemical machining processes is required.
physics, chemistry and material science engineering provides the capability to completely implement your work abilities.

That is why here in Suron we encourage  interdisciplinary production projects using a combination of mechanical, chemical,electrochemical and laser processing.
Suron’s metal parts are known for their quality, and are manufactured for a wide range of markets, in Israel and worldwide. The company manufactures many kinds of
miniature precision parts from a variety of metals, composite
materials, and polymers. Printed Antenna for Radar Application Slotted Array Antenna for Radar Application

The Range of Components and Assemblies Manufactured at Suron:
 Antennas in various technologies
 Miniature surgical instruments for mechanical components in medical devices and stents (many of them in R&D partnership with Suron)
 Electronic components and electronic kits
 Micro-mechanical components
 Optical components
 Other products, such as: mesh lters, electrical contacts, metal ngers for electric conduction in lead frames, and conduction surfaces for earthing connections.