The company began modestly, specializing in the manufacture of high precision metal parts using photo chemical etching technology. With rapid changes in market needs and customer’s demands for complex metal products, the company began to acquire and develop a diverse range of sophisticated technologies and complimentary metal processing capabilities. With substantially broadened operations, Suron is now able to provide its diverse range of customers with end-to-end production and manufacturing services for made-to-order metal parts, components and sub-assemblies.


The company is well established as a world-class manufacturer and has become a licensed provider for the Israeli Defense Ministry, as well as for major international corporations






Etching  Machine

Etching Machine

and the high tech sector, both locally and abroad. Suron built its solid reputation and credibility by supplying it customers with sophisticated metal products, providing unrivalled service, continually adopting and developing innovative technologies, and striving to maintain high production standards while protecting the environment.

Suron’s experience and know-how in manufacturing and processing precision metal parts leverages a variety of cutting-edge technologies: photo chemical etching, laser-cutting and welding, micro-machining, photolithography, nickel electroforming, and precision CNC milling. Suron is an industry leader in the provision of integrated technological and engineering solutions. Customers are served by committed engineers in the company’s planning and R&D departments, who specialize in delivering made-to-order solutions for particularly challenging projects. The company manufactures an extensive array of thin, flat, or three-dimensional precision metal parts.


Suron’s  range of technologies provides added value to its metal-parts manufacturing capabilities, enabling the company to produce one-off prototypes as well as small to medium serial volumes of components and assemblies. Considered a leading supplier in the PMM industry, Suron’s metal parts are targeted at a broad range of markets and applications, including:

  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Electro-Optics, Electronics, and Microelectronics
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Printing Houses
  • Industrial Labeling and Stamping

Suron has developed extensive partnerships and a network of distributors, enabling the company to reach customers in every corner of the globe, providing design-to-spec and manufacturing services for a wide diversity of applications and needs.

Suron employs about 80 staff members, most of whom are engineers, practical engineers, technicians and experienced, creative professionals.

Suron is a member of the international PCMI organization, researching and developing industry standards for the metal chemical machining and advanced materials markets. The organization’s members include technology and materials developers, machinery manufacturers, and metal suppliers.