Precision Parts

Precision Parts
Suron is an industry leader in the production of precision parts based on drawings and using precision manufacturing technologies. The plant’s departments produce a broad range of parts for components, assemblies and sub-assemblies.

The parts are produced using a range of technologies that best match the type of material. Each method has its relative advantage, and the most appropriate technology is jointly determined with the customer, based on the intended use of the final product. Production using photolithography, etching, and electroforming technologies are suitable for extremely high grade precision metal parts, so that the quality of the metal is retained and no stresses are added. Suron’s sophisticated CNC milling and laser cutting machinery produce parts (either metal-, polymer- or ceramic-based) at high precision while minimzing the damage to material integrity.

Suron’s parts are known for their quality, and are manufactured for a wide range of markets, in Israel and worldwide. The company manufactures many kinds of miniature precision parts from a variety of metals, composite materials, and polymers.

The Range of Components and Assemblies Manufactured at Suron:

  • Miniature surgical instruments mechanical components and sub-assemblies of medical devices
  • Electronic components and electronic kits
  • Micro-mechanical components
  • Optical and electro-optical components
  • Parts and components for the military (many of them in R&D partnership with Suron)
  • Other products, such as: antennas, mesh filters, electrical contacts, metal fingers for electric conduction in lead frames, and conduction surfaces for earthing connections, diaphragms, springs, stencils, mesh, seals, shims, clips, labels, lids for hermetic sealing of packaging, encoders, discs, heaters, heat absorbers, knives, printed circuit boards (single and dual-layer).

Suron has the capabilities and over 40 years of proven experience in designing and producing precision parts. The metal parts are manufactured by combining technologies, and matching the technologies to the requirements of the final product (in terms of metal grade, durability, and applications). The R&D, production, and QA  departments are all at the customer’s service, and provide standard as well as advanced engineering solutions.




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