• Copper Removal – FR4

    Pico-laser Capabilities Report:

    Copper Thinning/Removal from Copper Clad Sheets

    Background: Copper clad sheets are a widespread raw material of the PCB industry. Commonly, copper clad sheets may be purchased at standard values of copper thickness (e.g. 1 ounce=35 microns, 0.5 ounce = 17 micron). Certain application require however copper thinning to non-standard values. The aim of this report is to demonstrate Suron’s new ability in thinning and in entirely stripping the copper from its dielectric substrate.

    Methods: The basic raw material used for the experimental array was chosen to be a 0.1 mm thick copper clad, with FR4 as the dielectric substrate and 0.5 ounce (17 microns) copper. Circular patterns of approximately 5 mm diameter have been removed using a single diagonal lines approach at various laser parameters. Images were obtained under an x50 light microscope.

    Results: The array of parameters used permitted for thinning of down to 2-4 microns resolution as can be appreciated from the figures below.

    For figures and further information please click : Copper Removal – FR4


  • Technological demonstration of selective plated circuits

    For start-up companies Suron develop processes and prototypes of different metal products. In these pictures you can see a work we made for a young start-up which required generating coupled copper-combs over FR4, where one of the combs is selectively plated using matte tin. The process includes photo chemical etching of FR4 and selective plating of the conductor’s copper.

    The sheet after the etching and before & after the plating

    The sheet after the etching and before & after the plating

    The sheet after selective matte tin plating (SEM Microscope)

    The sheet after selective matte tin plating (SEM Microscope)

  • Production of parts with high accuracy and tight tolerance

    The precision parts manufacturing market keeps on evolving. The latest trends include miniaturization of parts, increasing the level of precision, reducing the weight and to cut back elements which harms the product’s quality as a result of its processing.
    The use in Electroforming and Photo Electroforming offer a great solution to the always evolving paths of this market/field.

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  • AutoPallet – New solution for short lead time


    Lead Time is Your Essence – We use AutoPallet

    Ever increasing demand for short lead-time and high component-density challenges the current pallet-supply approaches:

      • Optimal pallet-design requires intimal familiarity with the assembled PCB.
      • Hence traditionally, pallet-design starts after receiving an assembled PCB.
      • Such PCB-based pallet-design is highly wasteful lead-time-wise:

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  • Evaporation Silicon/Alumina Masks

    Evaporation Silicon/Alumina Masks

     We are now able to supply silicon evaporation mask within only 48 hours!

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